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Daa only way, that won't weigh you down, while eatin' your curds 'n' whey, Güey.


Mastering is an often misunderstood, yet extremely crucial process in the life cycle of a recording or album, the final creative step before release when its overall dynamic and spectral balance is sculpted and polished. Broadly speaking, the mastering engineer’s task is to ensure that an album is sonically cohesive and impactful, and that it will play well in any format and through any medium: as a 140-gram vinyl, digital mp3, CD, or internet stream; and played through earbuds, laptop speakers, loudspeakers in a shopping mall, or movie theater surround sound.

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Lyon Nittany



"Meeting D has changed my life completely! I now have healthy ways to express gratitude to my players and staff."

Mason Dixie

Line South


"I usually keep my distance from, N', excuse me, coloreds, but this Darrell ATLien guy was pretty laid back and oddly down to earth." 

Steven Kane



"Nice job! I really liked what I heard from you this month. You really out did yourself, thanks for the follow through!"

Jeremy Fratti



"Great job Jason! You are clear and direct in what you want... Stay humble and keep working hard. Best of luck!"

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